What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse refers to any action that forces, pressures, or coerces someone to do something sexually they don’t or wouldn’t otherwise want to do. It can also refer to any action that impacts a person’s ability to control their sexual activity or the circumstances in which sexual activity occurs.

Furthermore, any sexual activity involving a minor (18 years of age in most states) is sexual abuse.

 Click here for more information about what constitutes as “sexual abuse.”

How can I prevent sexual abuse?

While there is no way to completely protect yourself and others against the tragic crimes of sexual abuse, we have some insight as to how sexual abuse thrives and how to prevent situations which would help a predator. Click here to get informed.

In addition, you can help educate others by sharing our content or joining our Fighting For Me team as a volunteer. You may also consider making a donation to sponsor a training class to educate schools and organizations on how to implement systems which best minimize the ability for sexual abuse to take place.

What is Fighting For Me?

Fighting For Me is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which provides free counseling to sexual abuse survivors and their families. We are fighting for free sexual abuse counseling to be the standard of care in the United States.

Is it really free?

YES! By “free” we mean FREE.  We work very hard to raise funds to make professional counseling available without any strings attached. There is no co-pay, no need to qualify financially, and no insurance necessary.

Who can get free counseling?

Fighting For Me serves men, women and children who have been sexually abused, molested, sexually assaulted, or raped–as well as their loved ones. We understand that the hurts caused by sexual abuse affect not only the victim, but also the people closest to them. In addition, we encourage anyone who even suspects they or someone they love has been sexually abused in any way to see a therapist.

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How many sessions can I get?

As many as you need. Our goal is to make free counseling available as long as necessary, and our doors are still open if you’d like to come back months or years later for additional help working through another layer of the abuse. We understand that healing is an ongoing process, and we don’t believe in putting a time limit on your journey.

Where are you located?

We have partnered with many licensed therapists in California but also have connections in cities throughout the United States. If you would like Fighting For Me counseling services in another state, please submit a contact email and we will locate a therapist near you.

Who are the counselors?

Our therapists are state licensed and have a master or a doctorate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with special training in PTSD, depression, suicide and sexual trauma.  Some of our therapists are psychology interns completing their master’s program and are overseen by a licensed therapist with certification to supervise.

Where do my donations go?

Ultimately, your donations go towards healing one heart at a time. We spend as minimal as possible on administrative costs. Since we are in the beginning stages of our organization, much of our budget goes into spreading the word, gaining more visibility, and fundraising for the salary of future psychologists and our first building. There are also legal and insurance fees associated with providing free counseling, so much of your donations go toward keeping free counseling available to the ones who need it. You can decide where specifically you’d like your money applied, or if you’d like to apply it to the general fund.


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