Fighting For Me

The Book

Amanda Zarate with Christine Schick

Fighting For Me

Overcoming Sexual Abuse & Becoming the Person I was Meant to Be

Surviving the ultimate betrayal—years of sexual abuse at the hands of her dad and a cover-up by the Jehovah’s Witnesses—Amanda Zarate struggled to find her footing until a life-changing desire sent her on a journey to find courage, break free from fear, and blaze a trail for herself and others to conquer childhood sexual abuse.

If you think you know the story of Fighting For Me…


Amanda is real, raw, and completely vulnerable in this honest portrayal of who she was, where she’s been, and how she got to the other side.


…Think again.



“There was a strength in me that

no one knew I had and

no one could break.”

“The fears which once gripped me

have melted away.”

What the devil intended for evil,

God intended for good!

My life is not without trials,

but now I have everything I need

to get through anything that comes my way.


The never-before-heard story of
how our founder and
nonprofit came to be


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