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Dear Survivor, You are Worth Fighting For

What We Do

We offer free professional counseling to men, women, and children affected by sexual abuse. These services are available to survivors as well as their loved ones to help overcome the devastating effects of sexual abuse. We currently connect survivors with licensed MFTs who are willing to offer one hour a week pro bono. In rare instances, if we are unable to find a client completely free counseling in their area, we find them affordable counseling. (Click here to sponsor counseling sessions so they are free to survivors!)

Our goal is to open counseling centers throughout the United States and it will be completely FREE for all.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make FREE professional counseling the standard of care for sexual abuse survivors across the United States.

Become a Sponsor.

Your ongoing support allows survivors of sexual abuse to reclaim their voices and get their lives back.

Restoring One Life at a Time

Survivors Helped

Hours of Counseling

Dollars Raised

Make a Difference


$25 tells sexual survivors they matter & helps prevent sexual abuse through public training and online resources

$50 gives 1 sexual abuse survivor FREE, professional counseling services for a month (average cost)

$100 sponsors 8 FREE, professional counseling services for sexual abuse survivors (average cost)

$250 helps us build our structure to make FREE, professional sexual abuse counseling the standard of care in the United States


Did You Know?

Most survivors of sexual assault know their abuser

Forget stranger danger! Of the sexual abuse cases reported to law enforcement, 93% of people knew their abuser.

Men can be victims of sexual assault, including rape

1 out of every 10 rape victims are male.

Rape and assault are NEVER the survivor's fault

No matter what anyone wore, where they were, how they behaved, or how much they drank–the guilt belongs solely to the abuser.

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You are Worth Fighting For

Our goal is to spark a movement so every survivor of sexual abuse knows with certainty they are supported and loved, there is life after abuse, and they have access to help toward healing.

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